Normalizing the Supernatural

Reports of paranormal encounters are regularly dismissed due to skeptics’ ridicule or religious doctrine. Far more insidious are the government cover-ups obscuring information from potentially reliable sources. David Pinchbeck talks with UFO researcher Richard Dolan and parapsychologist George Hansen who argue that advances in technology are expanding the limits of human consciousness to the point where supernatural phenomena will become commonly accepted occurrences.

As evidence of otherworldly contacts increases, the motivation to keep such information suppressed increases as well. Richard Dolan feels public disclosure will happen, but it will require a major paradigm change. George Hansen explains how our perceptions of paranormal experiences are the direct result of the anthropological structures of our spiritual mythology. Together, they reflect upon the changes needed in our social structures before we can normalize supernatural experiences.

Featuring: Richard Dolan, George Hansen
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English