Toltec Shamanic Prophecies

The transition of the Mayan calendar was not meant to herald the end of the world. We have entered into a new period of slow transformation and awakening. Daniel Pinchbeck discusses Toltec traditions and the Mayan calendar after 2012 with Sergio Magaña, Dharma Padron Daly and Salvador Bolivar Madera, the implications of the Mayan calendar after 2012 in this explorative interview.

Sergio Magaña explains how the Mayan calendar works and what it means to be entering into the time of the 6th sun. It is in this period where spirituality shifts from an external focus to an internal. This is why dreams are more important and old religious practices may not work for many people. Next he joins with Dharma Padron Daly and Salvador Bolivar Madera to discuss how elements of Toltec tradition apply to our current period of transition.

Featuring: Sergio Magaña, Dharma Padron Daly, Salvador Bolivar Madera
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English