Psychedelic Perspectives

Some people say that psychedelics, like ayahuasca and iboga, offer a peek behind the curtain of reality and can be a catalyst for conscious evolution. Others caution that these substances are not for everyone and that their misuse can have dire consequences. Daniel Pinchbeck examines the ceremonial use and the misuse of ayahuasca with three psychonauts: Ben Lee, Ross Brockley, and Stuart Braunstein.

Ben Lee explains how his experiences with ayahuasca helped him feel a greater sense of interconnectedness and a deeper level of understanding. To this point, Ross Brockley offers a counterpoint by relating disappointment with his experiences of ayahuasca. Later, they are joined by Stuart Braunstein to offer a cautionary tale about ayahuasca ceremonies and dark shamans. All three are artists in their own way, from music to film making, and all three have differing psychedelic perspectives.

Featuring: Ben Lee, Ross Brockley, Stuart Braunstein
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English