Over the Edge

How do you connect with the quantum field of infinite information and potential? This field is where the healthiest, wealthiest, most mystical, and most evolved versions of yourself exist, but getting there requires you to push past your comfort zone and step over the edge of your current reality into a new future.

During this meditation, you will: ✓ Release the electrical charge of thought ✓ Amplify the magnetic charge of an elevated emotional state ✓ Tune into the frequency of what you want to attract ✓ Practice sustaining heart coherence to move beyond your comfort zone

Before doing this meditation: Choose a letter of the alphabet to symbolize something you want to manifest from the field. (like R for romance) Draw two squiggly lines around the letter to represent the electromagnetic field. Then, write two lists: one list with specific, clear intentions that you need to manifest your desire, and on the other list, write the elevated emotions you will experience when you manifest that desire. Now, put that list away and trust that your subconscious has recorded the details. Focus only on the symbol and your emotional state during the meditation.

Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English