Dr Joe Dispenza: 7 Guided Meditations to Becoming Supernatural
1 Season . 7 Episodes TV-PG

A guided meditation series with Dr Joe Dispenza that progressively helps you reprogram the subconscious mind, access your supernatural power, activate your chakra system, and align with a future version of yourself.

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Dr Joe Dispenza: 7 Guided Meditations to Becoming Supernatural (Preview)

At its most basic level, the human brain is programmed to maintain homeostasis and the safety of what is known and predictable. It is only through reaching higher brain wave states that the brain can relax into the unknown and allow new possibilities to manifest.

World-renowned researcher, speaker, and author Dr Joe Dispenza shares this progression of seven guided meditations that are designed to:

✓ Reprogram the subconscious mind ✓ Activate the chakra system ✓ Access the receptive gamma brain wave state ✓ Help you align with the future you want ✓ Access your supernatural power

Choose your path: • Seasoned meditators may be ready to do one meditation a day for seven days. • New meditators may want to spend a week practicing each meditation to build up to the final hour-long meditation. • Either way, it is recommended to do these meditations in order as they build upon one another and come back to this series each time you want to manifest a new intention.

Recommendations: ✓ Practice while sitting upright and in a space that is free from distractions. ✓ Prepare a space that is as dark as possible, or wear an eye mask. ✓ Keep an open mind. Dr Joe Dispenza purposely uses a deep, booming voice to bypass the analytical mind's vocal pattern recognition system.

Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English
17 mins TV-G
The present moment is the only place where we can influence and change our past programming to experience a different future. Start building the foundation for a new self with this meditation.
28 mins TV-G
Are your routines keeping you anchored to the past and a predictable future? The last meditation focused on the experience of time and the power of the present moment. This meditation takes that power and combines it with the energy that is freed by creating space for the unknown.
35 mins TV-G
How do you connect with the quantum field of infinite information and potential? This field is where the healthiest, wealthiest, most mystical, and most evolved versions of yourself exist, but getting there requires you to push past your comfort zone and step over the edge of your current reality into a new future.
29 mins TV-G
This guided meditation is designed to get you in touch with your future 5D self, who is capable of tuning into infinite levels of dimensions, frequencies, and possibilities. Experience the physical and chemical sensations of traveling the quantum multiverse through the 4D corridor.
31 mins TV-G
Where does suffering come from? Most of our issues and problems stem from unconscious programming. In this meditation, Dr Joe Dispenza helps build a connection to the elevated emotions from your list, which becomes the compass to get out of the box of your current life. The body will then follow the mind to the future rather than repeating past patterns.
24 mins TV-G
Where you place your attention is where you place your energy. This meditation focuses on activating the sixth chakra center, which contains the pineal gland and the energy of the mystical. As you increase your level of relaxation and suggestibility, you can shift your brainwave state and activate your pineal gland to prepare the body for a biological upgrade.
57 mins TV-G
Are you ready to become a supernatural version of yourself? In this hour-long culmination of the kaleidoscope meditation, Dr Joe Dispenza guides you through a relaxing pineal gland activation and into a receptive, ecstatic, sustained gamma brainwave state where anything is possible.