Where does suffering come from? Most of our issues and problems stem from unconscious programming. In this meditation, Dr Joe Dispenza helps build a connection to the elevated emotions from your list, which becomes the compass to get out of the box of your current life. The body will then follow the mind to the future rather than repeating past patterns.

Before doing this meditation: ✓ Think about a recurring, unwanted situation or relationship in your life, and give a name to that situation. ✓ Write a list of the thoughts and feelings that you associate with that situation. Write down how long this situation has been occurring. ✓ Draw a box around your list.

While doing this meditation: • Be aware of how you feel outside the box of that situation. • Find the frequency where there is no problem. • Attract that problem-free body to you with vibration.

Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English