Bridge to 5D

Many people refer to dualistic experiences as the 3rd Dimension and to unity experiences as the 5th Dimension. The non-physical space that bridges the two is the 4th Dimension that exists outside of time. This guided meditation is designed to get you in touch with your future self who is capable of tuning into infinite levels of dimensions, frequencies, and possibilities. Experience the physical and chemical sensations of traveling the quantum multiverse through the 4D corridor.

During this meditation, pay attention to: ✓ The 4th chakra heart space ✓ The highly syntropic energy of heart-brain coherence ✓ The passion, joy, and elevated emotions of your future ✓ The creative potential that exists in the womblike darkness of the 4th dimension

Checkpoint: Without judging it, simply reflect on your meditation and take note of which sensations and dimensions you experience:

3D Reality • Dense, physical matter • Duality of good vs bad • Judgement, separation, lack • Local space-time

4D Bridge • No body, no thing, no where, no space • Stillness, formless, pure potential • Darkness, possibility, creativity • Non-physical corridor to 5D

5D Reality • Eternal, quantum, anti-matter • Wholeness, connection, & oneness • Intention, vibration, & thought creation • Non-local and now

Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English