The Philadelphia Experiment

It is 1943 in Philadelphia and the Navy is experimenting with an invisibility cloak when the battleship Eldridge and its crew are sucked into a vortex. Two crew members, David Herdeg and Jim Parker escape the confusion by jumping overboard. Little do they know that they fall through a hole in time to find themselves stuck in the very different world of 1984.

Stuck in an unfamiliar world, the duo race against time to uncover what has happened to them and their lives. All the while, an even greater threat looms as they are inexplicably drawn to the site of another out-of-control vortex experiment. With one of the pair lost, the other learns that he must make the ultimate sacrifice to save the planet.

This is the sci-fi action blockbuster from Executive Producer John Carpenter starring Michael Paré and Nancy Allen.

Featuring: Michal Pare, Nancy Allen, Bobby DiCicco, Eric Christmas
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, German