Powerful Lineages of Disclosure

In our modern era, the public should be empowered to think for themselves and question history. The descendant of two powerful families, the Warners and the Mellons (as in Carnegie-Mellon), researcher and author John Warner IV is producing novels and aiding the Disclosure movement. Fascinated by the paranormal from a young age, Warner IV was encouraged by his mother and step-mother Elizabeth Taylor to investigate the unknown, despite the military involvement and reservations of his father and maternal grandfather. After years of research and direct experiences, Warner has recently worked alongside such acclaimed scholars as Dr. Steven Greer and legal expert Daniel Sheehan to share concrete disclosure with the masses. Exploring metaphysics, the ET phenomenon, the black market, consciousness, and Disclosure, Warner expands on the historical events that have led us to today.

Featuring: John Warner
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English