Atlantis: Humanity's Role & Earth's Rhythms

Was the fall of Atlantis due to natural forces or distorted individuals with access to advanced technology?

Renowned scholar J. Douglas Kenyon explores the demise of Atlantis, navigating the intricate balance between humanity's actions and Earth’s natural rhythms. Discover the history behind the two preceding catastrophes before the collapse and the profound implications these actions have on balancing out our current karma. Kenyon's insights challenge us to confront our collective past, attune to nature's cycles, and embrace our responsibility in restoring harmony to our world.

Will deciphering humanity’s role and Earth’s rhythms unlock the secrets for a brighter future for humanity, or are we destined to repeat the mistakes of our ancestors?

J. Douglas Kenyon is the Author of Ghosts of Atlantis: How the Echoes of Lost Civilizations Influence Our Modern World.

Featuring: J. Douglas Kenyon
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English