Prepare for your Flight: Arm Balance Prep Flow

This Marcum Method flow with Andrea Marcum is designed to prepare you for arm balances. This class provides advanced students familiarity with arm balancing & allows those learning to find a strong and informed foundation on which to build. No one is going to force you into a single aeronautical move here, but you just might find the strength, balance and inspiration to consider taking flight in the future. Note - Not for those with wrist issues or pregnant ladies who are unsure how to modify. Arm balances are a wonderful way to stare down our fear, but some fears are merited and should be honored. Always practice at your own level, and give yourself plenty of time to learn before you attempt the full expression of any pose. This class is meant to act as a preparation. You are not pressured to actually perform any of the arm balances until you feel ready (which you may decide to do with a real live teacher instead of on your own).

Teacher: Andrea Marcum
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English