Reshaping Society with Female Neuroscience

What are the consequences of a default male neurological model for scientific research on our collective and on each one of us as individuals?

Kayla Osterhoff, Ph.D., and host Regina Meredith unpack the institutional architecture of a society crumbling without benefit from study of the female mind. From leadership templates wired for dopamine-driven rewards to work environments structured around a 24-hour biorhythm, we appear to have lost connection and compassion — attributes ascribed to the feminine. Osterhoff proposes that if we acknowledge the unique neural networks of the female brain, then it is possible to shift the dominant paradigm toward emotional intelligence. How can reading the room, or intuition, be measured by scientific inquiry, and how can non-verbal information bring the feminine and masculine side by side?

Featuring: Kayla Osterhoff, Ph.D.
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English