Soul Contracts & Quantum Medicine

Is it possible that a doctor’s ability to treat a patient can be enhanced by their empathy and ability to perceive a patient’s consciousness and soul contracts?

As a medical student, Anoop Kumar M.D., had a transliminal experience that transported him to the center of the sun. Dr. Kumar joins host Regina Meredith to share how that event informed his life’s purpose and professional practice of emergency medicine. Dr. Kumar proposes that the allopathic model of medicine currently used by society is limited and will eventually be viewed as complementary to integrated medicine.

Dr. Kumar’s perspective as a practicing physician is that Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda will become primary approaches to holistic wellness, and our medical model will soon reflect the expressions of our consciousness. Meredith and Dr. Kumar advocate for a revolution in our approach to healthcare, which begins with the upstream origin of illness and accidents based on quantum history.

Featuring: Dr. Anoop Kumar
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English