Reversing Mercury Damage
Healing Matrix with Dr. Ed Group

Despite the overwhelming evidence of harm caused by mercury, it is still used every day, is there a way reverse the damage? In this discussion with Dr. Ed Wood, Dr. Blanche Grube takes us deeper into the effects of mercury on the body and how to restore its health, including various detox protocols. Then we talk with a patient of Dr. Grube’s whose life changed dramatically after the removal of his mercury fillings. She explains that this is a very thorough process beginning with supplementation and a bio-compatibility test to ensure the correct materials are used to fill the teeth. To show us how this works, Dr. Grube invites us into her laboratory where they test for bio-compatible materials, and into the operatory to see how they set up for safe mercury removal.

Host: Dr. Ed Group
Featuring: Dr. Blanche Grube
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English