Oral Health and Chronic Illness
Healing Matrix with Dr. Ed Group

Losing a tooth can be an arduous ordeal, but it is nothing compared to the health consequences if that tooth is not properly treated. Dr. Blanche Grube and Dr. Ed Group discuss cavitations and implants, which can result from a removed tooth, and both pose serious risks to the rest of the body. Dr. Grube explains that a cavitation, not properly addressed, creates a hole in the bone that doesn't heal where bacteria and toxins build up, which can lead to chronic illnesses. Problems with implants include the body rejecting them, the electrical fields they create that interfere with the way the brain works, and the implants’ effects on the organs in the body. As we wrap up this discussion on Biological Dentistry, we explore various misconceptions from modern dentistry and the things you can do to maintain oral health which affects your overall wellbeing.

Host: Dr. Ed Group
Featuring: Dr. Blanche Grube
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English