The Price of Root Canals
Healing Matrix with Dr. Ed Group

Could root canals be the root cause of many devastating diseases in the body? Dr. Blanche Grube had five root canal teeth removed and almost instantly her cancer disappeared. With Dr. Ed Group, we examine what a root canal is, why they are done, and the lasting consequences to the body as bacteria and toxins grow underneath the now dead tooth. This all came to light from Dr. Weston Price who tragically learned these consequences when his 16-year-old son died from the subsequent effects of a root canal that he himself administered. The fight was then taken up by Dr. Hal Huggins who discovered the types of bacteria thriving within root canal conditions, including Lyme disease. Dr. Grube then explains how a root canal tooth is removed and the amazing improvements to health that thousands of her patients have experienced after the safe extraction.

Host: Dr. Ed Group
Featuring: Dr. Blanche Grube
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English