Think of your friendly 7-Eleven cashiers, trusty paramedics and chatty taxi drivers. What is the common vein among these three occupations? Shift work. While we may be familiar with the concept of shift work, few of us are aware of its hazards. Are shift workers more at risk of health problems? How can shift workers cope with the disruption of their sleep cycles?

In this episode, we take on sleep in its topsy-turvy form. We have an internal body clock that regulates our biological processes on a 24-hour cycle. Therefore, we are generally able to get enough sleep if allowed to sleep and wake at the times dictated by our body clocks. Our body clock can be disrupted by shift work and jet lag, to name a few. This time, Adrian works the graveyard shift at a dim sum restaurant. He is on a ten-hour shift. We witness how Adrian’s body clock tries to adapt and cope.

Instructor/Host: Adrian Pang
Video Language: English