Sa Ta Na Ma for New Beginnings

Using the Mantra of New Beginnings, Sa-Ta-Na-Ma, Kundalini Yoga Master Gloria Latham instructs a detoxifying and meditative sequence that will illuminate your inner light. Kundalini means, "hidden energy" of the spine. Yoga asana is performed to activate the movement of vital prana, the kundalini energy within, and to cleanse the body of all it's impurities. This flowing practice is sure to leave you feeling revitalized, refreshed, and empowered. Experience the freedom of letting go and grasping the possibility of new beginnings!

Contraindications: Students with low back pain, spinal injuries or shoulder injuries should be mindful when doing fast or jarring movements, and can always modify the poses by lowering their knees; students with knee injuries or discomfort in the knees can modify by folding their mats in half under their knees, or placing a blanket under their knees for extra cushion; students with knee injuries or discomfort in the knees should not do the squatting sequence, as Gloria suggests.

Teacher: Gloria Latham
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English