Level 2

Build on the basics with postures for increasing strength and flexibility of the body, sharpening mental focus, and encouraging awareness of the breath. Level 2 classes may have faster movements, intensity, and complexity of poses than levels 1 and 1-2 classes. Expect to hear some Sanskrit — the language of yoga — and philosophical elements. Designed for people with an established yoga practice or with a solid foundational understanding of yoga, Gaia’s online level 2 yoga videos help to take your yoga practice to new heights. Begin to explore more complex postures (asanas) including arm balances, deeper twists, and longer holds of one-legged balancing shapes. Beyond your physical asana practice, level 2 classes may introduce more yogic breathwork (pranayama) into the yoga classes. These breathing skills have a myriad of uses both on and off of your mat. Level 2 classes on Gaia may also begin to incorporate use of anatomical language to describe the muscles that are activating or stretching within particular yoga poses. You may hear terms such as sacrum, psoas, serratus anterior, and others. Teachers will usually describe the area of the body where these anatomical areas reside so that you are able to deepen your knowledge of your body and begin to hone in on the desired muscle activation within your yoga poses. Gaia’s level 2 yoga classes may also include a glimpse into yoga philosophy through incorporating traditional yogic stories, explanations of the chakras (energetic centers in the body), or the use of terms from the yogic 8-limbed path (Ashtanga). Gaia’s online yoga teachers provide this information in clear and impactful ways to enhance your understanding of this ancient practice and take the lessons learned from the past into our present day lives.

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