Experience a revived sense of energy and awareness. In this collection of Kundalini yoga videos, you will learn about the power of meditation and the techniques to awaken the "serpent" at the base of the spine. An uplifting blend of the spiritual and physical, Kundalini yoga releases the nervous energies from the body to awaken your spirit, increase consciousness, and discover your true potential. Based on ancient healing techniques from India, Kundalini yoga, or the yoga of awareness, combines dynamic movements, conscious breathing, meditation, and the chanting of mantras to bring balance to the body, mind, and soul. In this collection of Kundalini yoga online, we'll explore the seven chakras, or energy centers or vortexes that exist both inside and outside the body that are powered by Prana, or life force. Negative thoughts, memories, and traumas are stored in our bodies and create energetic blockages in our chakras, preventing Prana from moving through them. Using Kundalini yoga, you will work to clear these blockages in order to heighten your intuitive capabilities, purify your aura, invigorate your mind and spirit, and strengthen and detoxify your body. Set your mind and spirit free as you find a deeper sense of connection to your inner teacher and highest wisdom. In this collection of Kundalini yoga videos, you will find universal and nondenominational practices designed to detoxify your body and stimulate your intuition. Activate your radiant body and emanate a more positive and true you. Build physical vitality and increase consciousness as you move through the gentle movements of this powerful, transformational tool.

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