The Second Life of Stefan

An Ordinary Life
S1:Ep155 mins2009

At 24, Stefan Hadfield pushed his life to the limit. A traumatic brain injury nearly ended his life after he slipped 30 metres off an icy ledge in the Rocky Mountains, smashing his skull on rocks below. Before his accident Stefan was known as super-human. He smashed world records in rock climbing, he was multilingual and a qualified hydrogeologist with a mind for complex equations.

Stefan’s accident caused a fist-sized hole in his skull and left him without the ability to see, walk or talk. He couldn’t remember anything about the world or who he was. He had no idea who his girlfriend Madeline was, yet she stayed by his side through many months of rehabilitiation. At first their relationship reverted to almost a mother/child one, and slowly returned to one of lovers. Stefan’s road to recovery is perplexing to neurosurgeons and himself. His personality has become quirky and while he remembered how to ride a unicycle he had forgotten which foods he liked to eat or his favourite colours.

Video Language: English