Session 4: Decoding Da Vinci’s Masterpieces
The Divine Encryption with Robert Edward Grant

Robert Edward Grant, Events+ Gaia is proud to present this GaiaSphere event available for Gaia+ Members.

In this session, Robert Edward Grant shows you how to square and trine the circle without using measurements — alchemical tasks thought impossible. He leads the quest to decipher hidden codes that only reveal themselves when Leonardo da Vinci’s famous works are combined. Each holds part of a key that, when overlayed, unlocks deeper meaning.

Embedded within Da Vinci’s artwork are the precise proportions of the Great Pyramid, important petroglyphs only now being discovered on the walls of the King’s Chamber, clues pointing to an alternate history, and instructions for awakening consciousness.

We will explore the notion of Heart-Brain awareness and the role of geometry.

Host: Robert Edward Grant
Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English