Prediluvian Harmonic Pyramids: A Global Model

Was there a prediluvian geometric standard for constructing pyramids around the globe? A mathematical analysis of the three pyramids of the Giza Plateau reveals a pattern consistent with Egyptian Mystery School teachings, 'Pythagorean' ideals, and the musical/harmonic interval.

Robert Edward Grant demonstrates how this same pattern extends beyond the Giza Plateau to include the Bent and Red pyramids (Dahshur), and the Medium and Abu Rawash pyramids. Grant also shows how this integer interval/harmonic pattern reaches even further to include other Prediluvian pyramids located outside of Egypt, including Mexico (Teotihuacan and the Yucatán), Faroe Islands, and Xian China, citing strong evidence for a global geometric standard for pyramid construction.

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Host: Robert Edward Grant
Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English