Shining Soul: Helen Keller's Spiritual Life & Legacy

57 mins2006

Time magazine named Helen Keller one of the 20th century’s top heroes and icons. Shining Soul examines Helen Keller's rich spiritual life and the influence she received from the writings of 18th century philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg, which inspired her personal life, her literary career, her humanitarian contributions, and other aspects of her extraordinary life.

Includes commentary by Jean Houston, Erik Weihenmayer, Kim Nielsen, Oliver Sacks, MD, Roger Shattuck, Jim Junge, Ray Silverman, Jonathan Rose, Carl Augusto and Heather Whitestone McCallum.

Featuring: James Naughton (Narrator), Ronnie Farer (Helen Keller & Annie Sullivan reader), Craig Davenport (male voice reader), Rachel Cowley (Helen Keller re-enactress), Becky Smith (Annie Sullivan re-enactress), Cameron Pitcairn (John Hitz re-enactor), Alread Hinkley (Emmanuel Swedenborg re-enactor)