Sleep Strategies
Dr. Jeffrey Bland

Much like stress management, we can’t get healthy without good sleep. Healthy sleep leads to a healthy gut and vice-versa.

In this awakening lesson, dive into: ✓ Understanding the pivotal role of restorative sleep in overall well-being, adopting a gut-first approach to enhance your sleep quality. ✓ Exploring groundbreaking scientific discoveries linking specific strains of bacteria in our guts to improved sleep patterns. ✓ Optimizing your sleep health through navigating the intersection of precision nutrition and sleep medications.

Discover the dual-directional dynamics emphasized by Dr. Bland, propelling you toward the synergistic benefits of a healthy gut and restful sleep.

Home play: • If you encounter difficulties with sleep, consider formulating a new sleep strategy tailored to achieve your desired health outcomes.

Host: Dr. Jeffrey Bland
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English