Gut Check Action Plan
1 Season . 9 Episodes

A 10-step action plan that’s easy to follow and is designed to help you boost gut health, bring down inflammation, increase natural immunity, and get better mental clarity.

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Gut Check Action Plan (Preview)

This is a practical and well-researched guide for balancing your bacterial ecosystem. We chose the guidance of a global leader in Functional Medicine. This expert's extensive knowledge has significantly improved the lives of patients worldwide for decades.

Dr. Jeffrey Bland, a renowned thought leader, has dedicated over four decades to advancing human health. As the founder of the Functional Medicine movement, he has pioneered a care model rooted in systems biology, creating impactful institutions like the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute (PLMI) and the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).

In this guide, you will: ✓ Enhance your comprehension and initiate the healing process with precise insights, navigating the complexities of gut health by discerning appropriate actions, avoidance strategies, and thriving methodologies. ✓ Explore the intricate significance of specific foods and diverse fiber types in cultivating a resilient gut environment. ✓ Investigate the fermentation revolution, integrating optimal practices for enhanced well-being into your daily routine. ✓ Attain a comprehensive understanding of supplement selection criteria, enabling informed choices for optimal gut health. ✓ Unlock strategies to synchronize and elevate emotional well-being. ✓ Unearth the profound interplay between gut health and mood, positively impacting all facets of life through holistic stress management practices. ✓ Amplify sleep strategies and overall well-being by scrutinizing the pivotal role of sleep, adopting a gut-first approach.
✓ Tailor your approach to gut healing, customizing strategies for a uniquely comprehensive health enhancement.

Host: Dr. Jeffrey Bland
Episode 1
9 mins
Investigate nuanced solutions for gut-related health concerns, recognizing the intricate variations among individuals.
Episode 2
10 mins
Dr. Bland discusses the myriad factors that pose a threat to our delicate microbiome, encompassing sugars, additives, antibiotics, and pesticides.
Episode 3
9 mins
Meticulously highlights the significance of specific dietary components, particularly focusing on the importance of certain foods and types of fiber.
Episode 4
10 mins
Dr. Bland navigates the best practices for incorporating fermented foods into your daily life.
Episode 5
10 mins
Guiding us through the process of selecting supplements, Dr. Bland offers insights into what to consider when choosing the right ones for your needs.
Episode 6
10 mins
Uncover the bidirectional relationship between mood modulation hormones and the microbiome.
Episode 7
9 mins
Recognize the imperative nature of stress management as a vital requirement in our modern lives and that healing our guts, bodies, and overall well-being necessitates cultivating a healthy outlook.
Episode 8
10 mins
Understand the pivotal role of restorative sleep in overall well-being, adopting a gut-first approach to enhance your sleep quality.
Episode 9
10 mins
Recognize that true health is a unique and individual experience, understanding that one size does not fit all.