The Song That Calls You Home

The Song That Calls You Home is a personal, scientific and mystical exploration of Amazonian curanderismo - with focus on Ayahuasca and Master Plants, their healing and visionary properties and risks - along with the wondrous world of the Shipibo people and their songs. In recent years the use of Ayahuasca has become widely known, often talked of as a potentially life-changing experience. However, there is not much information about other rainforest Master Plants that have medicinal qualities and capacity to bring about profound healing and transformation. In this film, we explore the realm of Amazonian plants and the Shipibo traditional way of establishing a connection with the spirit through diet and ceremony. This movie aims to function as a bridge for those seeking to understand the facts and dynamics behind the experience of Ayahuasca. "It is very commonly experienced by the people who come here [the jungle] to realize 'I thought it was gonna be about Ayahuasca'...but it is about the songs" - Dr. Joe Tafur. 'Perhaps the best ayahuasca documentary made so far, in a long string of such documentaries. It is moving and informative, and presents this sensitive subject very well. I recommend it highly, worth watching multiple times.' - Dennis McKenna, Ethnobotanist Directors & Writers: Vanni Mangoni, Luis Robledo Producer: Alexandra Cherkun Starring: Benoit Allouche, Ricardo Amaringo, Alexandra Cherkun, Mateo Domingo, Martina Drassl, Foster Gamble, Kimberly Carter Gamble, Charles Grob, Estela Pangoza & more

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: Spanish, German, French