Stressed Adrenals

In a world that promotes stress, it can be challenging to thrive when operating in a survival state.

In this lesson Dr. Kyrin Dunston MD. helps you: ✓ Propel into personal growth and well-being by exploring the function of cortisol in stress management, delving into the nuances of eustress. ✓ Unmask imbalances that may contribute to stress-related challenges through understanding the significance of optimizing adrenal health function and the power of testing in. ✓ Immerse yourself in restorative practices that offer a holistic approach to mitigating stress, promoting a sense of stability in your hormonal system.

We're here to support you in alleviating stress, harmonizing your mood to boost energy, fortifying your immune system, and uplifting your overall mood.

Home play: • Write a list of all of the negative and positive stress in your life and rate them based on what's causing you the most stress. • Take the top two and make an action plan to address them for 30 days.

Host: Dr. Kyrin Dunston, MD
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English