14 Ways to Optimize Women’s Health
1 Season . 14 Episodes

A 14-part masterclass that explores every aspect of women’s hormonal health, from powering up metabolism and sex drive to natural solutions for aging, anxiety, and depression.

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Embark on a healing  journey into the world of hormone health, where every aspect of your daily functioning, from the nervous system to cognitive function and digestion, is intricately linked to the delicate balance of hormones.

Within this guide, you will: ✓ Unravel the mysteries of the big three and disruptive factors that impact your overall well-being by going into the unique realms of hormones.  ✓ Take control of your metabolic health by understanding how to regulate blood sugar and optimize hormonal functionality for sustained vitality. ✓ Uncover the profound link between gut health and hormonal imbalances, shedding light on their role in anxiety, depression, and overall mental well-being. ✓ Address essential aspects of women's health, including sex drive, vaginal longevity, and effective management of menopause. ✓ Resolve mysterious health issues that may be affecting your overall vitality by gaining insights into stress management and adrenal function. ✓ Examine a spectrum of options, from alternative approaches to conventional hormonal replacement therapies, providing you with a well-rounded perspective on managing hormonal health. ✓ Celebrate the beauty of each life stage and explore natural and effortless approaches for aging gracefully.

Host: Dr. Kyrin Dunston, MD
Episode 1
12 mins
Dive into the delicate balance of hormones, gaining a comprehensive understanding of what they are, how they function, and their profound impact on overall well-being.
Episode 2
13 mins
Explore the role of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone in the dance of brain development and how these essential hormones influence not only your physical health but also play a crucial role in shaping your mental and emotional well-being.
Episode 3
11 mins
Uncover the pivotal responsibility of the thyroid in regulating your metabolism, gaining insights into how this small gland profoundly influences the function of your entire body.
Episode 4
10 mins
Various types of disruptors affect your hormones, encompassing physiological, mechanical, and energetic factors that may be subtly influencing your endocrine system.
Episode 5
10 mins
Gain crystal-clear insights into the multifaceted causes of PMS, delving into the physiological and hormonal aspects that contribute to the discomfort you may be experiencing and the complex landscape of PMS triggers to equip you with the knowledge to address them.
Episode 6
11 mins
Unlock the profound wisdom housed within your gut, which serves as both the compass guiding your hormonal balance and the intuitive navigator of your life's journey.
Episode 7
11 mins
Unmask imbalances that may contribute to stress-related challenges through understanding the significance of optimizing adrenal health function and the power of testing in,
Episode 8
11 mins
Understand the responsibility of blood sugar management for optimal health and vitality.
Episode 9
10 mins
Unravel false beliefs, misconceptions, and societal programming around sex drive for aging women.
Episode 10
10 mins
Grasp a sophisticated understanding of various hormone replacement therapies, investigating the distinctions between chemical and bioidentical approaches.
Episode 11
10 mins
Unearth the reasons why menopause is often approached with trepidation, dismantling societal narratives that may contribute to negative perceptions.
Episode 12
9 mins
Explore effective strategies for addressing concerns like vaginal dryness, sensitivity, and discomfort during intimacy.
Episode 13
10 mins
Learn natural approach to rejuvenation with techniques to gracefully turn back the clock on your aging process.
Episode 14
10 mins
Learn techniques to enhance your mood and alleviate anxiety and depression by examining the interplay with neurotransmitters.