Tackling Restorative

Andrea Marcum
RestorativeLevel 1-251 mins

Former NFL linebacker Keith Mitchell joins Andrea Marcum for this delicious relax and renew practice. Keith used yoga and meditation as part of his rehabilitation after a neck injury during a game that left him paralyzed. He prefers a nurturing, replenishing practice to a sweaty workout and reminds us that there's nothing wimpy about adding a bit of yin to our yang.

Contraindications: Even with restorative practices it is important to listen to your body and modify or skip those parts that don't feel right. Pregnant ladies remember that twisting in on yourself is not the way to go. Twisting away from the mid-line and creating space is great. Also, sometimes lying on your back or on your right side after six months is not advisable for those who are pregnant.

Props: Blocks and straps are recommended, but can be substituted with books and belts.