Level 1-2

Discover classes built on safety, alignment, and breath. Level 1-2 practices offer the mindful pace of level 1 practices, with some opportunities to move more quickly, choose variations, and potentially explore the use of props in a yoga practice. Gaia’s online collection of level 1-2 yoga classes build on fundamentals of essential body awareness and alignment. Start exploring a larger range of approachable yoga poses and sequences to incorporate into your yoga practice. Accessible for beginners as well as advanced yoga practitioners, level 1-2 classes feature the key foundations of yogic movement, breath, and props that you can enjoy in a level 1 class while adding in an extra dimension of more complex postures, deeper mindful movement, and some use of the Sanskrit language and anatomical terms. If you are ready to dip your toes a bit deeper into the yoga practice, Gaia’s level 1-2 classes are a perfect place to explore. Featuring a wide variety of strength- and alignment-focused hatha classes, invigorating and powerful vinyasa flows, soulful and relaxing yin practices, and much more, Gaia’s myriad of options for level 1-2 yogis have something to fit each person’s needs. Establish a yoga practice for your everyday routine with classes on Gaia’s online collection of yoga videos. Whether you are looking to establish a morning yoga ritual to start your day off with positivity and movement, seeking a way to feel better in your body and mind during your work day, or searching for ways to decompress from your day and settle into a restful night at home, Gaia’s range of level 1-2 yoga classes feature timeframes and styles for busy lives.

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