Templars, ETs & the Atlantis Connection

What do the Templars know of Atlantis and Extraterrestrials?

The Templar historical record has cataloged mentions of flying craft and stargates for the past 1,000 years. It documents ET influences on Earth from the most ancient of times.

From these recorded encounters, the Templars have learned that within each of us resides a divine spark that calls us to evolve spiritually. As we do, we reconnect with Source. This sacred union enables us to connect deeply with each other and beings from other worlds.

Read from a never-before-revealed text that highlights an ET encounter which may have inspired the establishment of Solomon’s Temple. Explore what Francis Bacon knew of a New Atlantis that inspired the foundations of America.

Can we learn to awaken our own sacred nature and help to form a new Atlantis that will allow us to discover a greater destiny beyond our world?

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Subtitles: English