The Attunement

The group receives a Reiki attunement and Nick and Julian's astral projection experience in Yoga catches Luke off guard, leaving him in awe of their spiritual journey. While, other group members, like Milton and Kathy, end their fast, they are accompanied by unexpected temptations while exploring Thailand.

As the group continues to evolve and upgrade their well-being, a surprising inquiry arises: could the constant presence of the camera crew be infringing upon their privacy and preventing them from delving fully into the depths of healing they desperately seek?

Featuring: Nick Knowles, Julian Perryman, Billy Byrne
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English
The Attunement Video
S1:Ep6 24 mins TV-PG
The Transition Video
S1:Ep7 24 mins TV-PG
The Results Video
S1:Ep8 24 mins TV-PG