The Divergent Path

As Milton begins his intensive protocol to address his health concerns, Nick takes the initiative to develop his own strategies that conflict with the retreat plan. These individual actions subtly influence the rest of the members, leading to the emergence of divisions and a palpable shift in the group dynamics.

As unconscious patterns surface and discussions grow more intense, the group faces the challenge of navigating through this initial phase together. Will they overcome their differences and find common ground, or will the rift in dynamics widen, threatening the cohesion of the group?

Featuring: Nick Knowles, Julian Perryman, Billy Byrne
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English
The Kick-Off Video
S1:Ep1 24 mins TV-PG
The Unsuspecting Detox Video
S1:Ep2 24 mins TV-PG
The Divergent Path Video
S1:Ep3 24 mins TV-PG