The New Way

During their Reiki sessions, Julian and Kathy undergo profound transformations, delving into deep layers of their subconscious and releasing emotional blockages that have long hindered their growth. Meanwhile, Maggie's improvement in hearing serves as a tangible manifestation of the retreat's healing effects.

Despite the accelerated change experienced by some, the group encounters challenges with slowing down and fully embracing these new ways of being. This raises the question: Could it be possible that some patterns are too hard to break?

Featuring: Nick Knowles, Julian Perryman, Billy Byrne
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English
The Attunement Video
S1:Ep6 24 mins TV-PG
The Transition Video
S1:Ep7 24 mins TV-PG
The Results Video
S1:Ep8 24 mins TV-PG