The Miraculous Power of Eight

Discover the secret of how group intention and the Power of Eight® unleashes a miraculous power to heal yourself, your loved ones, and the world.

World renowned intention mentor and internationally bestselling author, Lynne McTaggart, shares documented cases of cancer, paralysis, crippling arthritis, cataracts, multiple sclerosis, genetic liver disease, depression, chronic fatigue, and much more — all being healed through a group of people sending their loving thoughts. When people continue to meet regularly in Power of Eight® groups, every part of their lives — health, relationships, finances, career — can heal. Experience for yourself the ecstatic, transcendent energy of the Power of Eight® and learn why intention groups have rightly been called “a fast track to the miraculous.”

During MacTaggart’s 21 years of work with prestigious scientists on intention, she discovered an astonishing fact: When people carry out an intention for each other in small groups of eight, miraculous healings among individuals and entire societies occur virtually in an instant.

Featuring: Lynne McTaggart
Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English