Learning How the Body Heals

Watch the incredible emotional conclusion to these journeys as filmmaker Gabe Golden learns from naturopathic practitioners how to detoxify and optimize the microbiome through gut testing and nutrition, and uses technology to clean the lymphatic system. Another patient finds light therapy incredibly powerful for their autoimmune condition. Learning more about the potential of the body to reset and rest, they ask the question: can the body heal itself?

Featuring: Gabe Golden, Layne Lyons Pecoff, Mario Campanaro, Lynne McTaggart, Shamini Jain, David McKee, Dr. Tom O'Bryan, Ally Perlina, Dr. Jeoff Drobot, Dr. Dickson Thom, Peter A. Levine, Nicole Kahn, Uri Kugel. David and Margie Slinger, Dr. Lew Lim
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English