The Power of Clear Intentions

In this lesson, Dr Joe Dispenza leads you through life-altering information that allows you to project your desires into the infinite field, shaping your reality from the core of your being.

During this lesson, you can anticipate:

✓ Deep insights into the concept that the infinite field of possibility directly responds to your thoughts and feelings, unraveling the mysteries of manifestation. ✓ Exploration of the transformative power that emerges when you create from the very fabric of the field itself, transcending conventional paradigms. ✓ An energetic leap beyond the boundaries of traditional manifestation into the realm where thoughts and feelings converge to shape material matter.

Find yourself on the brink of co-creating a new reality, emerging from this lesson as a revitalized version of yourself.

Home play: • Once you do the writing activity, set it aside and know that your subconscious mind has recorded it and is working on it. Focus your attention only on the capital letter you chose and let go of all other conscious thoughts about it. • Take note of any synchronicity that leads you to your destiny

Host: Dr. Joe Dispenza
Audio Languages: English