A Traveler’s Guide to the Afterlife with Mark Mirabello

Undoubtedly, death is a ubiquitous part of life. Throughout human history, a wide diversity of cultures and spiritual traditions have emerged, each offering unique perceptions concerning death and the afterlife. Mark Mirabello has studied many of these cultural beliefs and has composed a traveler’s guide to the afterlife. His guidebook serves as a means of understanding the multifaceted experiences of the afterlife so that we know what to expect and can set ourselves upon an intended pathway through the many roads through the spiritual realms. Join him in this interview with Regina Meredith.

Dr. Mark L. Mirabello, author of The Traveler's Guide to the Afterlife, is a Professor of History at Shawnee State University. His area of expertise is the "outlaw" history on the "frontiers and margins" of human civilization.

Featuring: Mark Mirabello
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English