Transcending the Biblical Narrative Part 2

Could mythological encounters with Celtic fairies connect to Biblical ET contact?

Continuing their conversation from Part 1 of the interview, theologians Sean O'Laoire and Paul Wallis describe how humanity can spiritually evolve from the medieval traditions of western civilization by recognizing the effects of human contact experiences with non-human entities. O'Laoire shares Celtic myths of human encounters with the fairy people, or Tuatha De Danann, as Wallis explains African legends of the mysterious architects of human civilization.

Sean O'Laoire is the spiritual director of Companions on the Journey, and author of the book Setting God Free: Moving Beyond the Caricature We've Created in Our Own Image. Paul Wallis is a bestselling author of many books, including Escaping from Eden and Echoes of Eden.

Featuring: Sean O'Laoire, Paul Wallis
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English