A Vatican Exile on Reincarnation & Cosmology

How can a priest barred from the Vatican help us explore reincarnation? Licensed clinical psychologist, theologian, and priest Sean O'Laoire joins Open Minds to share his studies into the divine nature of the universe. After being dismissed by the Vatican, O'Laorie embraced his existence as an "evolved" catholic priest, exploring reincarnation and comsmology forbidden to traditional Roman Catholics. O'Laoire’s book Setting God Free explores how our mystical experiences can be part of our everyday lives, whether we consider ourselves spiritual or religious. Discussing the theories of Stan Grof and reincarnation as a universal experience, O'Laoire explores the nature of epistemology – how we know what we know. Sharing how we can find the commonalities in our spiritual stories, O'Laoire says regardless of where we come from everyone can experience Source or God energy.

Featuring: Sean O'Laoire
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English