Transcending the Biblical Narrative Part 1

How can ET contact represented in the Bible help us see beyond the illusions of religious control?

Sharing their decades of experience, Theologians Paul Wallis and Sean O’Laoire discuss stories to help us see beyond the veil of fear-based religious doctrines and understand the benefits of indigenous perspective in reshaping our worldview.

They highlight how the creation myths and stories from tribal people depicted a much different interaction between sky beings and humans, which led them to a more enlightened perspective and connection to self and community. In Part 2 of the interview, Wallis and O'Laoire explore more deeply into how indigenous tribes view the gods and our natural state of being.

Sean O'Laoire is the spiritual director of Companions on the Journey, and author of the book Setting God Free: Moving Beyond the Caricature We've Created in Our Own Image. Paul Wallis is a bestselling author of many books, including Escaping from Eden and Echoes of Eden.

Featuring: Sean O'Laoire, Paul Wallis
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English