This episode looks into one of the most ubiquitous mysteries of our lifetime – reported sightings of “flying saucers.” Right away Clarke removes any doubt as to his opinion of UFOs – he states that he has been interested for 50 years and claims to have observed at least six. He even goes on to say that sightings are very common. He does, however, reserve his opinions concerning them; revealing more and more of his ideas on the subject as the episode progresses.

Originally broadcast in September 1980, Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World brought an innovative approach to exploring natural and supernatural phenomenon. After 13 episodes, the series sadly came to a close. Our team at Gaia diligently pursued the acquisition of Mysterious World in order to save it from obscurity. Gaia is proud to re-present this groundbreaking series and restore the sense of wonder and intrigue that it once brought to our mysterious world.

Instructor/Host: Arthur C. Clarke
Video Language: English