Valley of Portals

50 miles away from Dulce, New Mexico we find the San Luis Valley; a mysterious region described as the playground of the paranormal. Geophysical formations within this valley provide ideal conditions for portals to form, connecting our world with parallel realities. Sometimes, something crosses over giving rise to reports of unexplainable phenomena such as UFOs, Bigfoot, and aliens. Thus, counterintelligence operatives actively work to destroy the legitimacy of eyewitness accounts, through decoy operations. It is the pervasiveness of Native American traditions, which tell of an ancient extraterrestrial presence living deep underground known as the Ant people, which may provide the best explanation for the unexplainable activity in this valley of portals.

Featuring: Christopher O’Brien, Greg Bishop, Jack Cary, Steven Greer
Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish