Visiting Atlantis

57 mins

In many documentaries, it is suggested — usually in the title — that Atlantis was found. Something along the lines of "Atlantis Found" or "Finding Atlantis." It's only a little later that viewers discover that actually nothing was found.

Much was written about this lost world throughout human history, but the legend of Atlantis still remains a mystery. It is said Atlantis was a magnificent island in the Atlantic Ocean. Sometimes — depending on the fantasy of the writer — it is moved to the Mediterranean Sea. Sometimes people look for it in the Indian Ocean, or on the South Pole — any exotic location will do. In the great depths of the ocean, it has disappeared forever. But what people conveniently forget is: we only have one reliable source to Atlantis. This is Plato, the great Greek Philosopher.

In this full documentary, two explorers George S. Alexander and Natalis Rosen closely follow the ancient writings of Plato. That is how they found the Lost City of Atlantis. One by one they solve Plato’s riddles, uncovering the evidence that links Atlantis to a desolate area, virtually untouched by modern man.

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FeaturingGeorge S. Alexander, Natalis Rosen