Evolving Enlightenment

Are we entering into a new era where our thoughts can truly control reality? The answer is complicated, as much of our reality has already been created and human beings are complex beings. With advances in neuroscience being integrated with esoteric traditions, we may indeed be creating a time where our minds do create our reality. Daniel Pinchbeck talks with two scholars of esoteric traditions on the nature of evolving enlightenment.

Jay Michaelson examines the role of mindfulness and dharma in one’s search for enlightenment. While mindfulness is commonly held as key to improving mental and physical health, it can also be used to stunt spiritual evolution. Then, Richard Smoley, who has studied many esoteric traditions, offers various world-views on the nature of reality. Together, they discuss a range of topics from evolutionary spirituality in devotional religions, end of the world prophecy and the future of esoteric traditions.

Featuring: Jay Michaelson, Richard Smoley
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English