What Is Abundance

Shift your consciousness to claim financial abundance with author Marisa Peer.

In this empowering lesson, you'll unlock the secrets of true abundance through an approach to riches that combines psychological insight, spiritual wisdom, and practical tools, offering a holistic perspective on wealth creation.

Take a step towards an abundant future with: ✓ The truth about abundance and the energetics of financial freedom. ✓ How to get to the root of belief systems blocking you. ✓ Simple ways to reprogram your mind and break through your limitations.

By the end of this lesson, you'll shift into a new paradigm of prosperity with an abundant mindset to attract and maintain wealth.

Home play: • Do the journaling exercise at the end around your belief systems. • Repeat the affirmation: "Ask and you shall receive," followed by what you desire to manifest.

Host: Marisa Peer
Audio Languages: English