Science of Manifestation

Learn about the mystical inner workings of the universe with acclaimed scientist Gregg Braden as he unravels the profound science of manifestation, illuminating the undeniable truth that you are a potent co-creator in a participatory universe.

In this transformative lesson, discover: ✓ Historic revelations that solidify the link between life forms and the dynamic field of energy, laying the foundation for your manifestation journey. ✓ How to detect stimuli occurring in the future, a phenomenon known as a presentiment, through the wisdom of the heart. ✓ Empowering ways to influence the creation of your world, which through time and space.

Witness the profound impact of your influence on the fabric of time and space to create a financial reality aligned with your highest intentions.

Home play: • Trust yourself to tap into a future possibility and write it down-- take notice for the next week if anything reveals itself to you. • Repeat affirmation: "We are a part of a universe that is a work in progress. We live in a participatory universe," take notice of how you are shaping the fate of your wealth.

Host: Gregg Braden
Audio Languages: English