Shannon Paige

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Shannon Paige is an author, teacher, and mentor of yoga teachers around the world.

Paige infuses her work, practices, yoga trainings, and speeches with a fullness of artful living and passion for life and experiences on and off the yoga mat. As an artist and poet, her classes contain detailed and clear instruction, while weaving through a seemingly fluid progression of imagery, poetry and truth.

On the mat, Shannon Paige encourages and supports the reader and practitioner to unlock the secrets held in the human heart. By releasing stuck patterns that no longer serve, students and teachers alike attain new levels of integrated and expressive embodiment. She is described by many as ?confidently vulnerable? and, as a result is one who inspires positive change in the lives of others.

Off the mat, Shannon Paige travels nationally and internationally to deliver transformative talks, workshops, trainings, and retreats and is a well-known TedX speaker. She loves to wake surf, run, and spend time galloping on horseback and is a loving mother of a glorious daughter, Victoria.


    Radical Relaxation Video
    Episode 1
    Radical Relaxation (November 2015)Anjali Restorative Yoga
    Episode 1
    , 27 minutes
    This sequence gently guides you through a renewing and loving sequence to gently move and support your spine in its key directions of movement: forward bend, backbend, side-bend and twist right and addition to a ...
    Available worldwide
    Writing Your New Story Video
    Writing Your New Story (January 2015)
    59 minutes
    This Tapas Flow will focus upon releasing old embodied patterns to make room for new, more efficient, effective, strong, and empowered ways of moving through an incredible conversation of twists and asymmetrical backbends.
    Available worldwide
    Day 2: Commit Video
    Episode 2
    Day 2: CommitCommit To You
    Episode 2
    , 59 minutes
    We get plenty of opportunities for commitment in today's practice with Shannon Paige, who takes us through a Tapas flow to burn away stagnant embodied patterns. This dynamic vinyasa class will leave you invigorated.
    Available worldwide
    Embodied Slow Flow Video
    Embodied Slow Flow (November 2015)
    55 minutes
    In this slow-paced vinyasa flow with Shannon Paige, learn how to naturally integrate movement that helps you deepen and open into your practice. The fluid asana in the first half of this class pours into a relaxed restorative ...
    Available worldwide
    Chakra Roots to Rise Video
    Episode 2
    Chakra Roots to Rise (January 2016)Anjali Restorative Yoga
    Episode 2
    , 38 minutes
    This practice from Shannon Paige, part of her Anjali Restorative series, offers supported postures that carry the energetic imprint of each of the Chakras to cultivate gentle spaces, release tension, and encourage renewal ...
    Available worldwide
    Upside Down Is Right Side Up Video
    Episode 3
    Upside Down Is Right Side Up (February 2016)Anjali Restorative Yoga
    Episode 3
    , 49 minutes
    The focus of this restorative practice with Shannon Paige is to “Udjani”, or to flip the switch of one’s thinking, see the other side, look at a circumstance from down below to right side up and ultimately spark and serve the ...
    Available worldwide
    Advance Your Practice: Confidence! Handstand in the Center of the Room Video
    Advance Your Practice: Confidence! Handstand in the Center of the Room (July 2015)
    24 minutes
    This practice is based on the wisdom of strength and container-ship in asana form and transition before any application of momentum. This practice is geared towards pulling practices of handstand away from the wall and ...
    Available worldwide
    Inside Out Video
    Episode 4
    Inside Out (March 2016)Anjali Restorative Yoga
    Episode 4
    , 38 minutes
    This episode of Anjali Restorative Yoga with Shannon Paige dives into the inner emotional weather patterns, internal tightening around life circumstances. Shannon brings awareness of embodied sensations to educate us deeper ...
    Available worldwide
    Arm Extenders Video
    Episode 2
    Arm Extenders (August 2016)Yoga Prop Empowerment
    Episode 2
    , 47 minutes
    Dive deep into an empowering sequence using a strap to teach nourishing binds, lengthened forward folds and side bends.
    Available worldwide
    Focus and Aim, The Core and The Bow Video
    Focus and Aim, The Core and The Bow (January 2015)
    37 minutes
    This flow focuses upon the commitment of the centerline, asymmetrical backbends and their magnificent conversation with arm balances. This practice helps hone a student’s focus and aim at the centerline to both stabilize ...
    Available worldwide
    Twist and Bend Video
    Episode 5
    Twist and Bend (March 2016)Anjali Restorative Yoga
    Episode 5
    , 38 minutes
    This episode of Anjali Restorative Yoga with Shannon Paige releases built up tension and stress in the back.
    Available worldwide
    Revelation Video
    Episode 5
    Revelation (May 2016)Shanti Shakti
    Episode 5
    , 39 minutes
    Tap into the sweetness and ferocity of the goddess Parvati with the slow and integrative movements incorporated into this vinyasa practice with Shannon Paige.
    Available worldwide


    Food & Nutrition
    July 14, 2015
    Yoga instructor Shannon Paige shares one of her private journal entries as she prepares for the Conscious Cleanse Clean Eating Challenge.

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    esthersnippe, posted on January 27, 2015


    I was introduced to Shannon's video's during the New Year Challenge, and I want MOAAR!!! lol. Seriously, I really like her practice. They are admittedly, very challenging, but I remember her tips and advice. I would love to see more of her videos- will there be more for 2015?


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