Just One Dance Vinyasa Class Video
Just One Dance Vinyasa Class

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Just One Dance Vinyasa Class

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Destress with this flowing Vinyasa class. Ride the wave through the breath and body and connect to all that is.

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angie.s.finlay, posted on September 20, 2016

Clara's practices are always deliciously soothing, but this is my favourite one. It's got the perfect balance of stretching and strengthening the legs and shoulders. Probably my new favourite practice on Gaia.com

REGINA_KILAYKO, posted on September 13, 2016

I loved this sequence and the sound of Clara's voice.

DianaHowe, posted on September 6, 2016

More like this! Loved the sequence, pace and space. Namaste

kristinbartley, posted on September 5, 2016

Thank you, Clara. It feels as lovely as it looks. So unique!!!

loveandmusic, posted on August 20, 2016

Thank you so much, Clara for this beautiful practice! I've been under the weather for a week and this was the perfect transition back into activity. I feel balanced and renewed, with a sense of calm and activation. Can't thank you enough!

surfnshop, posted on August 18, 2016

great stretching... love holding these poses :)

tlgconsultingvt, posted on August 17, 2016

Wonderful class!! I'm going to do this every morning for awhile. The mountains and green are a big plus!!

ocotod2012, posted on August 16, 2016

Very nice class. I enjoyed the postures and the scenery!

osmylie, posted on August 16, 2016

Clara, what a great class and the view of the mountains is amazing. Could you tell me where the video was taken? Thank you

clararobertsoss, posted on August 17, 2016

I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the class.
We shot this in North Vancouver, BC. ;)

brooke13, posted on May 11, 2016

I could feel my body needed a good stretch, particularly my legs but I also wanted to meditate as I did it. This class was amazing! I not only achieved the stretching and the meditation but I also went deeper into each pose breathing through it. Thank you for sharing this class. I'll be coming back.

catbottini, posted on April 26, 2016

Amazing class. Thank you!

yogawithdenis, posted on April 19, 2016

Clara what can I say? I have just done 2 practices with you yesterday and this morning and your pacing, sequencing, voice and total connection to breath is sublime! Play listing every practice I do! Namaste from Ireland xx

Brin, posted on April 12, 2016

I have come back to this class over and over again through the years and it is always just what I need! It is my absolute favourite! Thank-you Clara!

jmacq, posted on March 25, 2016

One of my favourites. I feel like a brand new woman! Thank you Clara.

nikp31, posted on March 15, 2016

Clara is my favorite teacher! Every practice is amazing. Thank you!

catherine070256, posted on February 8, 2016

Clara, you never disappoint. I have this class saved to my Playlist but hadn't done it in a while. It was perfect for a beautiful start to the week. Thank you for sharing your uniqueness and gift of teaching.

catcole, posted on December 1, 2015

This was perfect for a shorter practice before work. I probably should have allowed time for a shower though. I love all of Clara's practices--they are always beautiful and unique.

sophia11, posted on September 28, 2015

Felt refreshed and renewed after this practice! Awesome. Thank you!

nourish0, posted on July 30, 2015

That was a very satisfying 32 minute class! You were able to include lots of flowing transitions and postures without making it feel rushed. The only thing i missed was a spinal twist :) Cheers!

yogibear9, posted on June 27, 2015

Thank you Clara

Caterplink, posted on June 24, 2015


Tracy.rupp, posted on June 15, 2015

I am ending this practice with a smile on my face. Thank you Clara for the beautifully flowing practice with clear and easy to follow instruction. My body and mind feel balanced.

sophia11, posted on May 23, 2015

Thank you!

surreina, posted on May 17, 2015

What a beautiful flow practice, so grateful for the brilliant Clara and the inspiration her practices ignite.

Riandrial, posted on April 2, 2015

What a Wonderful Midday Break
I needed a break midday and this was the perfect medicine. Thank you Clara

silvia.almanza.alonso, posted on March 26, 2015

What a complete class in such a gorgeous location! Thanks Clara

pflenz57, posted on March 26, 2015

Wonderful practice

gab, posted on March 24, 2015

lovely flow also for morning gentle yet challenging, great timing not too fast and creative as always

kimrahfaldt, posted on March 24, 2015

I enjoyed this class very much. Great breathing. I enjoy you very much as a teacher. Thank you!

twirlztime, posted on March 23, 2015

The flow was really well-timed with the breath, which is so key..will look for more and thank you for breathing;-)

runnernorth, posted on March 23, 2015

Really beautiful & powerful sequence: thank you!

veronika0411, posted on March 22, 2015

Thank you! This practice made me feel renewed and grounded. Really great start to my Sunday :)!

JustineK, posted on March 1, 2015

Thank you Clara! This re-energised, refocused and strengthened me! Your practices really resonate with my body and soul thank you!

danibomb, posted on January 18, 2015

I've probably commented on every video Clara has on here. I am always completely in tune with her sequencing and her kind and gentle voice. My practice has grown ten-fold since I've found her on here and I am forever grateful. Clara, your light is so so bright. Thank you for sharing it with mine xoxo Namaste!

klenoir1000, posted on January 18, 2015

I am slowly moving from 1,2 level to 2 and 2,3. Taking it easy to do so, and this was a great class for me to add just the right amount of challenge. The class was very satisfying for the length - with a nice warm up/centering at the beginning, cool down at the end, and more intensity in the middle. I love the 20-30 minute classes! And I'm a huge fan of Clara! Thank you!

ReneeT06, posted on December 27, 2014

Thanks Clara, for bringing to the mat something that benefits a wider community. I appreciate you. Xx

Murph, posted on December 11, 2014

I have commented before, but need you to know how important you are to my practise of yoga. If I have half an hour I will choose you over anyone. You make me feel like I did A one hour class and make me wish I had time to do anothe hour. Thank you so much. You are one of my reasons to keep up my yoga practise. Namaste.

kassi, posted on December 8, 2014

Clara, you are one of my favorite teachers here. From the first time I took one of your classes online, I continued to come back to yours. Your grace, your voice, your clear cues and simplistic style really allow me to go deeper into my myself and my body, allowing for quite the meditative practice. Your choice of asanas are always exactly what I need.
I am taking a break for a few months from this wonderful website, but I will miss you while I am gone. Thank you for being you. Namaste~

Bolowe, posted on December 6, 2014

I feel I have arrived home after the practice. My home is Nirvana , a sweet place where I find the nectar of myself. Thank you Clara for being my muse! The brothers and sisters in Vancouver missed you while you were away. Glad you have now come home.

With love and adoration, Namaste!

ajbogner, posted on December 4, 2014

The perfect class. Feel better in all ways. Like that it's short and sweet. Beautiful choices !

Olympia, posted on November 4, 2014

Excellent practice!!! Clara is the best! Thank you!

jpr823, posted on October 30, 2014

What a great way to start the day!

mrsdoos, posted on October 21, 2014

Love me some Clara! She never disappoints. Always awesome, always unique. Thank you!

mhjones, posted on October 13, 2014

Thank you again, Clara for your lovely flows. Taking classes with you in person is on my bucket list. This "Deep South" American wants to travel north. Namaste.

Summacp, posted on October 8, 2014

I love starting my day with this class.. Thank you for deepening my practice and love for yoga...namaste!

blossom2life, posted on October 7, 2014

I loved this class, and have now found a new teacher. I find my practice deepens when I can find a teacher or two to truly follow for a bit. Thank you! And, I love the "sparkle out through your feet/hands!" Great image :)

suzysmithies, posted on October 2, 2014

Thank you so much, wonderful class. Such a great way to start the day!

hippiedou, posted on September 29, 2014

Really enjoyed this flow, the right amount of challenge and deep focus for a short and sweet practice.

vidya, posted on September 19, 2014

Love this flow....perfect pace! Thank you Clara!

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